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Performance of Mutual Funds: The Story of Indian Market   Bhavinkumar Arvindbhai Patel

Performance of Mutual Funds: The Story of Indian Market

324 страниц. 2012 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
Mutual funds in India: a comprehensive review is an outcome of extensive research work carried out by Dr. Bhavinkumar A. Patel. The basic objectives of this book includes (A) In-depth analysis of mutual fund industry in India (B) Performance evaluation of selected growth oriented schemes operating in India by different blue chip companies and (C) Analysis of perception of investors, brokers and fund managers. This book focuses on the real life growth and development of the mutual fund industry in India considering different parameters like Assets Under Management (AUM), fund mobilized, redemption and repurchase of funds, total schemes launched and in operation under different categories, analysis of growth oriented mutual fund schemes by applying well established measures like Sharpe, Treynor, Jensen and Fama's Net Selectivity. Moreover, it also highlight the perception of investing community and mutual fund professionals. This book would surely provide strong platform to students...
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