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Emotional Intelligence   Mohammed Galib Hussain and K.R.Mohamed Sufiyan

Emotional Intelligence

264 страниц. 2012 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
It is an accepted fact that individual's success at work is 80 percent dependent on emotional quotient and only 20 percent dependent on intelligence quotient. This is because EQ components are useful in assisting employees with decision-making in areas like teamwork, inclusion, productivity, and communication. Goleman identified the five 'domains' of EQ as: ? Knowing your emotions. ? Managing your own emotions. ? Motivating yourself. ? Recognising and understanding other people's emotions. ? Managing relationships, ie., managing the emotions of others. Islam is not just a personal faith and devotion, but a comprehensive, intelligent and practical life system. Islam respects all the different components of the human being equally and regulates them to their full potential, rather than suppressing them (which stifles the individual), or setting them completely uncontrolled (which causes damage to the community and environment). This book helps in becoming emotionally...
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