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Import & Export Documentation: A handbook   K Ramachandran Pillai

Import & Export Documentation: A handbook

64 страниц. 2011 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
This is intended to be handy and user-friendly to the users, giving essential tips for those working in shipping, import & export fields, and buying houses. It talks about the functions of import and export and the documentation/ logistics involved in it. Only the frequently and commonly used terminology is included in it to make it simple. However, important functions have been covered to the extent of an executive’s necessity. Business & commercial terms, and certain specific business terms form part of this handbook. Attempt has been made to make it quite comprehensible with examples of formats and templates used in import/export functions and logistics. It should prove helpful as a handbook or checklist to the people working in the area of import, export and shipping. A lot of practical tips have been included, as experienced by the author from own experiences. To reinforce learning by readers, the important functions have also been summarized at the end.
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