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E-learning market development   Valerio Temperini

E-learning market development

124 страниц. 2013 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
The increasing attention paid to e-learning is related to a reduction in the "life cycle" of knowledge and skills that individual and organizations have to developed in order to interact in an environment characterised by sudden and on-going changes and increasing levels of complexity. Considering this aspect e-learning represents also an interesting business. It seems clear, however, that the growth of investment in e-learning has not resulted in a parallel “cultural development”; potential for developing this method of learning and training has not yet been appropriately expressed. Particularly, e-learning can play a relevant role in the growth of SMEs; but a need for a correct approach to this important market segment can be pointed out. This book aims provide an analysis of the main issues related to quality in e-learning services, focusing on the SMEs’ perspective. This work offers principles and managerial implications that can be useful to scholars and professionals...
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