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Gum Arabic Production plight   Salih Abulgasim

Gum Arabic Production plight

88 страниц. 2013 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
Gum Arabic is a natural product with amazing properties, endless benefits, that world have ever known from ancient times. As an ingredient, enters food, pharmaceutical, therapeutic, decorations, pottery, textiles, corrosion of metals, paper coatings, paints, pesticides, office equipment and some other industries. Deliberate negligence encountered producers, as lack services, non-developed tools, low prices, unjust machining acacia trees, fires, and overgrazing. This reflected negatively on the production. Sudan was the first country in production and export of Gum Arabic in the world (80%). But, recently, has become no more than 40 - 50%. The most productive area in the globe is El Nuhud of Kordofan, which contribution has approximately become 36% of the world production. Now, faces a crisis of extermination of acacia Senegal, by human, animal and public policy, which could lead to a final loss in less than a century - according to some local experts – if combine local and global...
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