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Governance Structure Choices in Supply Chain Management   Chen Ji

Governance Structure Choices in Supply Chain Management

220 страниц. 2012 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
This book is mainly divided into three parts. Firstly, it compares pork chain management between Spain and China. It is found that there are pork safety problems in China. Continuously, it analyzes the problems in Spanish-Chinese export-import pork chain. It reveals that Chinese government's license is the main obstacle for Spanish pork industries to export their products to China. Finally, it studies the governance structure choice in China's pork chain. China?s pork chain is changing in several ways. Specialized and commercial productions are gaining importance although small scale (backyard) pig production still dominates production. Similarly, small slaughterhouses continue transactions with pig producers in spot market relationships, while big pork slaughtering and processing companies are actively exploring and advancing different forms of integration. It explains the governance structure choices in China?s pork chain from both transaction cost economics and transaction value...
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