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Profitable Underwriting   Musa Obalola

Profitable Underwriting

324 страниц. 2012 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
The controversies surrounding business taking on any other responsibility beyond its traditional economic role have been settled, in favour of how business can benefit from engaging in social actions. This book engages with issues that have ramnifications for corporate success, through empirical and discursive accounts, underpinned by various theories and robust epistemic considerations. It suggests a practical framework for managing poor public perception and low patronage. Whilst CSR is generally understood as charitable contribution, particularly in the developing countries, the book demonstrates that a conscious effort to achieve business viability only within the framework of legal compliance and charitable giving can be elusive in the absence of the normative dimension, which forms the bedrock of the social contract that business signs with the society. The book, though written within the context of a developing country, will be useful to students, academics and managers in...
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