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A Profile Characteristics of Small and Micro Enterprises in Voi, Kenya   Nancy Chebet Changeiywo,Bernard K. Rop and Bellah Chepkulei

A Profile Characteristics of Small and Micro Enterprises in Voi, Kenya

76 страниц. 2014 год.
Scholars' Press
This research work involves a profile characteristics of Small and Micro Enterprises in Voi Municipality, Kenya. A thorough literature review was undertaken before coming up with research questions and hypothesis that was used to guide the research study. The main variables of the study were drawn from factors that affect the performance of small and micro enterprises such as social demographics, business ownership, business financing and government laws and regulations. It is evident that majority of Small and Micro Enterprises face similar challenges in both developed and developing countries. This study employed cluster random sampling which was found to be relevant due to the different types of business activities on which small and micro entrepreneurs are engaged in are unable to be reached out to by the diverse products offered by these microfinance institutions despite their notable presence in Taita Taveta County. The findings indicate that form of business ownership, nature...
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