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Volume and Composition of Subsidies in Orissa   Lopamudra Mishra

Volume and Composition of Subsidies in Orissa

300 страниц. 2012 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
Orissa, a low income state of India, has been forced to borrow to meet its revenue expenditure requirements during the early 1980s. The fastest growing components of total expenditures were interest, subsidies and other transfers and salaries. Subsidy is an important instrument of state intervention with the objective to raise the level of living of the people and strengthening the market. Given the prevalence of poverty in Orissa & large proportion of socially disadvantaged segments of the population to whom the state is committed to provide social security, the state government provides budgetary subsides over different heads. Budgetary subsidies or explicit subsidies are obviously one of the specific instruments of policy requiring careful analysis in the drive towards prudent financial management. Implicit subsides, also known as covert subsidies, are given in one form or other at the production, pricing and distribution stages to various public sector undertakings and public...
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