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Government policies on MSME's in the Manufacturing Sector in Dominica   Craig Stedman

Government policies on MSME's in the Manufacturing Sector in Dominica

112 страниц. 2012 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
Complex and burdensome administrative and regulatory systems can impede the growth and development of a country’s MSME sector, specifically in developing and underdeveloped countries . Case in point Dominica, the Manufacturing Sector through the Agro-processing Sub-sector has significant potentials, however complexities in accessing required financing at reasonable rates and effective Business Support organizations (BSO’s);in order to provide the related services needed to compete regional and internationally are inadequate. The objective of the author in this study is to assess the “Impact of Government Policies on Micro Small Medium Size Enterprise in the Manufacturing Sector”. Over the years the Government has implemented many initiatives to bolsters the Manufacturing Sector, nevertheless; empirical data indicated a deficiency in output based on assistance provide during the analytical period 2000-2010.
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