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Managed Services in the Ghanaian Telecommunication Industry   Abraham Sam

Managed Services in the Ghanaian Telecommunication Industry

140 страниц. 2012 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
Increasing numbers of communication service providers are outsourcing their operations expecting a number of benefits despite their lack of understanding of the challenges of Managed Services. With the rising number of Managed Services contracts, there is the need for academic literature that will explore the benefits and challenges of Managed Services. The changing business trends, fierce competition, financial pressures, efficiency, changing technology and the need for competence were identified as some of the business drivers behind the move towards Managed Services. Benefits of Managed Services that were discovered during the study include reduction in OPEX, optimisation of CAPEX, improved focus, increased subscriber revenue, improved quality, risk transfer, economies of scale advantages, flexible cost structure and access to expertise technology and innovative solution. The study alerts practicing professionals to the key issues that should be addressed when approaching Managed...
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