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Women in Management: Old and New Challenges in Brazil and China   Erika Zoeller Veras

Women in Management: Old and New Challenges in Brazil and China

236 страниц. 2014 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
Taking into account the rapid pace of advancement and the changing world of the twenty-first century, this book presents the results obtained from the MBA thesis study about the presence of women in management positions, highlighting the Brazilian and the Chinese situations. Around the world the growing presence of women in the labour market makes it important to discuss the business impact of gender diversity. The increasing of participation of women in the workplace is remarkable, although one may not overlook the fact that, in spite of the reaching of lower and middle levels of management positions, the women seldom reach top management. Do gender stereotypes still affect the advancement of women? Sometimes, the ability to identify problems arising from gender inequality and discrimination is not a very easy task because they are not very evident. This study has been conducted to provide a better understanding on women in management in both countries and, as a consequence, to...
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