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Practical Development Project Design, Planning And Execution   Arinze Udenka and Oshokhamelu Isimekhai

Practical Development Project Design, Planning And Execution

84 страниц. 2012 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
The success of this book is based on the belief that development practitioners would welcome practical project research, that can be used by development students, micro-entrepreneurs, and people who work in corporate environments in Less Developed Countries.Indeed, an appreciation of this vital subject is necessary for the rural businessman who is concerned with the success of his business success, and those looking for gainful employment. The analytically approach used in the book involved rigorous and logical reasoning.While the mathematical approach basically introduces the student to the fundamentals of cost/benefit analysis for simple project implementation. The aim of using this method is to allow students to apply these tools on their own, not just passively absorb the predigested cases described in the text, but also provide practical examples.
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