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Courage in Action   Alizabeth Lord Jetter

Courage in Action

92 страниц. 2013 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
Due to its expansive nature, courage in action has the power to radically change nations, organizations, leaders, a mind, a moment or a life. This work is a qualitative exploration of courage in corporate environments. Insights gained from this work illuminate the ingredients of courage and what factors encourage people to act with courage. It also sheds light on what positive and negative outcomes tend to follow courageous action. These collected findings suggest that courageous acts might be encouraged or achieved only through a three-pronged approach of societal influence, the organization’s cultural influence, and the natural tendencies of the individual. The findings from this study could inspire individuals to reconsider how they show up in their life and in their organizations. This exploration should help shed some light on the opportunity to build a competency of courage into culture, transformative strategies, performance management systems, hiring and reward systems. ...
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