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Decision - Making Dynamics   Shereen Morsi

Decision - Making Dynamics

316 страниц. 2012 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
We are living today in an era of unprecedented dynamism, where continuous change is taking place in all aspects of life: - economic, social and cultural. These changes challenge policy makers to learn at increasing rates, while at the same time the complexity of the systems in which we live is growing. Many of the problems we now face arise as unanticipated side effects of our own past actions. All too often the policies we implement to solve important problems fail, make the problem worse. It is my contention that a possible reason for the intractability of the problems is that decision makers are trying to solve 21st century problems using 20th century thinking. The analytic, reductionist paradigm of Newton and Descartes is not sufficient and a new paradigm is needed. Such as the Systems paradigm that can cope with the rapid changes and complex interconnections. This book, therefore, provides a new approach for decision makers based on systems paradigm. The approach is useful and...
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