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Food For Work Programme   Duggani Subramanyam

Food For Work Programme

128 страниц. 2013 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
The pace of development among the different states of the country and within the sate among the different districts has not been uniform because there are not only regional differences, but also the divide appears to be ever widening there are still districts which lack in basic infrastructure facilities and employment opportunities. It is from these districts, reports of starvation deaths from time to time and massive migration of labor are reported in the media. It is therefore quite imperative that such of the districts are identified and sincere attempts be made to bring them at par with other bright districts. Several strategies have been tried to find out a workable solution but these attempts only touched the very fringe of the problem. Food For Work Programme is the latest strategy chalked out by the Central Government to tackle the problems like low level of nutrition (in the rural population) unemployment and strengthening of infrastructure in the rural population. The...
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