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Poverty and Informal Settlements   Cyril Ogbokor and Eslon Ngeendepi

Poverty and Informal Settlements

68 страниц. 2012 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
The materials in this book are based on the research work of Mr. Eslon Ngeendepi with Dr. Cyril A. Ogbokor as his supervisor. The book consists of six chapters. It investigated the various sources of poverty in Namibia using Greenwell Matongo informal settlement as a laboratory test ground. Relevant literatures reflecting the research main theme were reviewed and presented in this book. Graphical, algebraic and descriptive methods are used in order to strike a proper balance in terms of the presentation of materials. This book is in several ways highly informative, educative and a uniquely authoritative piece on poverty issues in Namibia. The book is strongly recommended for undergraduate and postgraduate students, government functionaries, politicians, social scholars, educators, tourists, trainers and researchers who are in need of vital information relating to poverty issues in Namibia.
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