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Unpaid, Underpaid and Non-market Activities Application to Bangladesh   Md. Hosen

Unpaid, Underpaid and Non-market Activities Application to Bangladesh

304 страниц. 2012 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
This book consists of six chapters. The first chapter was designed to elucidate the concepts of the non-market works (NMWs) and related topics including the informal economy, formal economy, child work, household work, women work, etc. were incorporated by means of the study. The second chapter was concerned mainly with the particular methods, ways adopted for the research work and the process of estimating of the NMWs. The discussions, in chapter three, explore the basic pattern of Bangladesh economy and afterwards author elaborates and tries to define wages and the processes of determining wages. The area was considered along with the concept of minimum wage, the wage trends in Bangladesh. Findings were presented in three ways: tabular form, regression analysis and case studies. In the micro level, this study discovers the value of the NMWs made by people from different backgrounds, whereas in the macro level it revealed the size of the economy of Bangladesh by devising out that...
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