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Drucker's knowledge-worker productivity theory   Peter Sun San Wong

Drucker's knowledge-worker productivity theory

420 страниц. 2013 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
This book is based on an investigation of knowledge workers, employed by the Southern Cross University (SCU), about their level of readiness and alignment issues when integrating their work processes with Drucker’s knowledge-worker productivity (KWP) theory. All SCU librarians were asked to participate. The investigation was designed to improve productivity, the quality of work, to empower knowledge workers to accomplish their ‘tasks’ and, consequently, the ‘organisation tasks’, by following an organisation-wide unified strategy in an interdependent way that brings about a ‘doing the right thing, the right way’ approach. The mixed-method multiple case study investigation deployed a self-administered questionnaire survey followed by structured interviews. Survey questions were based on the KWP Survey Matrix which was developed from the Baldrige’s (2006) criteria for performance. Descriptive statistics from the survey generated reports that were used in the follow-up structured...
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