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Informal Savings and Poverty Reduction in Uganda   Wifred Nahamya

Informal Savings and Poverty Reduction in Uganda

124 страниц. 2012 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
The incidence of poverty and vulnerability are significant in Uganda where both formal and informal credit schemes play a big role in lifting the poor from poverty. Such Credit schemes are as a result of community based initiatives in an effort to fight poverty. They are economic entities which are involved in mobilizing financial and non-financial resources, but are neither legally licensed, registered. They are thus outside the direct control of the government monetary authority. Despite the presence of these Credit schemes, poverty has not reduced to desired levels. Thus it is not very clear whether such initiatives reduce poverty and or improve welfare among the vulnerable poor households and this required adequate investigation. This book therefore, explores information on the existing Savings and Credit Association and their role in poverty reduction in Uganda. The writer was mindful of the fact that there is limited documented evidence concerning informal Credit-Poverty nexus...
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