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Potato Value Chain in Ethiopia   Frehiwet Assefa Abera

Potato Value Chain in Ethiopia

112 страниц. 2013 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
A value chain is defined as the full range of activities which are required to bring a product. The study was aimed at analyzing seed potato value chain. The data was analyzed using descriptive statistics. The results indicated that members and non-members have significant difference on income and livelihood. Awareness of the farmers on the role of seed, selling price of seed potato, cost of production, availability of marketing infrastructures and facilities, access to extension service, distance from market, access to credit, farm size, labor force, perceptions about seed marketing, membership in cooperatives, number of oxen owned and income affects positively the participation in seed potato production and marketing except distance from market and cost of production. Twelve channels were identified wide variable routes of flow with in the value chain. But the way of flow of the channels differ from farmer to farmer and between members and non-members of the cooperative. ...
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