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Organised Manufacturing Sector of Punjab: Growth and Performance   Manjit Sharma

Organised Manufacturing Sector of Punjab: Growth and Performance

252 страниц. 2012 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
Organised manufacturing sector is considered as an engine of growth. The experience of developed countries showed that this sector played a vital role in overall development of their economies. Manufacturing secotr is the only sector through which developing countries make their growth rapid and reoliable. This book deals with organised manufacturing secotr of Punjab state in India. The analysis of organised manufacturing sector reveals that industrial situation in the state was promising during pre-reform period but here was a dismal scenario in the post-reform period. Organised manufactuirng sector of punjab suffered from 'jobless growth' druing post-reform period. Food industry which has the vast potential could not grow up due to laxity of State Government. Restricitions of multifiber agriment under world trade organisation are done away with; hence inernational market may provide huge opportunities to export textile products.Punjab's industry was and continues to be export based....
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