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The Maritime Idea in Universal Culture   Ludmila Bejenaru

The Maritime Idea in Universal Culture

120 страниц. 2012 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
In the pages that follow we talk about the maritime idea in universal culture, trying to offer our readers an overview of the culturological evolution of the marine space. We devoted ourselves to a subject equally demanding, difficult and ambitious. The work aims to be a viewpoint and a possible solution, not at all final, to the attempt of knowing the sea culture and civilization, its spiritual universe.Certainly, the sea has its spiritual universe, as deep as it is enigmatic. Therefore, the human being is eager to know, beyond the immense stretches of water, the spirit and vitality of the sea, the sea as a whole - fascinating, amazing, hopeful and drowning any hope, sad or happy, calm or raging, rough, frowning, with its metaphors and metamorphoses, with the ebb and flow, with ships and sailors, with nymphs and ghost-ships, with leaden storms and blue days - as it was felt and perceived by Marco Polo, Christopher Columbus, Ivan Kruzenstern , Canaletto, Eminescu, Aivazovski,...
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