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Population and family life education   Victor Emeka Okafor

Population and family life education

228 страниц. 2014 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
Population and family life education is a book written for harmonious family living in the society. The book focuses on population related issues such as family size and family welfare, delayed marriage, responsible parenthood, population change, resource development, population related beliefs and values. The book discusses census as it relates to country’s development. It is important for the government to know the required data of literates, employed, unemployed, dependent and the labour force. Issues on collapsing family life was examined globally and locally. Studies have shown that socio-cultural and economic factors constitute a serious threat to family life. The high rate of poverty, infidelity, bareness, growing number of women in the labour force among others have increased divorce cases in the society. Marriage, its requirements and other factors to be considered before marriage were also explained. The work also discusses courtship as an important requirement before...
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