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Time Reduction In New Product Development (Rozhin Sanat Company)   Matina Ghasemi and Mazyar Ghadirinejad

Time Reduction In New Product Development (Rozhin Sanat Company)

72 страниц. 2013 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
Matina Ghasemi and Mazyar Ghadirinejad Product developing under sanction: The case of a Iranian gas and oil tank manufacturer Introduction: There is no doubt that successful and on time product development or product project management is critical to any industrial performance. But given the recent developing set of sanctions against Iran, the importance of on-time and on-budget product development for the sake of the company’s survival has increased particularly in terms of the ability to bring the product to the client before a new set of sanction takes its toll. In normal conditions, Eppinger et al (2004) argues that competitive advantage could be provided by rapid and innovative product development. For any organization, on-time product development represents not only the opportunity to grow and survive but also the opportunity to significantly influence the direction of both the industry and market before others set the rules of the game.
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