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The Role of Venture Capital in Renewable Energy Technology Start-ups   Tryfosa Joling

The Role of Venture Capital in Renewable Energy Technology Start-ups

76 страниц. 2010 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
The current global energy consumption and climate change are prominent issues worldwide. Because of financial restrictions and commercialization difficulties of many eco-entrepreneurs in the renewable energy technology industry, this book explores the role of venture capital in these start-ups. Understanding the barriers and triggers of venture capitalists to invest in this industry might be of significant value for the change towards renewable energy because their investments are often contributing and intertwined with the commercialization of innovations. By means of an exploratory study consisting of interviews with venture capitalists in the Netherlands, this study tried to establish in particular the influence of perceived uncertainties and agency problems. The discussion of the findings results in several relevant insights for policy makers and other actors in the energy industry, mainly reflecting the importance of a stimulating institutional and social environment, consistent...
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