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Implementing a Knowledge Sharing Roadmap in Small or Micro Companies   Rita Scully

Implementing a Knowledge Sharing Roadmap in Small or Micro Companies

156 страниц. 2013 год.
Scholars' Press
Knowledge is a prime source of competitive advantage for small and micro companies (SMC). SMC need to know how to marshal their staff and company knowledge. A knowledge sharing (KS) environment must be gradually developed and “grown”. This book focuses on developing an implementation roadmap for KS in SMC. The 4 areas of KS focused on in this book are; the appropriate meaning of KS in a commercial context, the specific issues relevant to SMC in the context of KS, the circumstances that should prevail to allow people to share knowledge and effective methods of facilitating company learning. The discussion of the KS issues are based on the literature and the empirical data. This book establishes a yard stick to the development of a strategic KS roadmap to facilitate implementing the process of KS in SMC. SMC were selected because of a lack of research in the context of Knowledge Management (KM). This book is of benefit to companies who wish to understand the practical aspects of KM...
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