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Inter-State Migration and Contemporary Economy   KALANDI CHARAN PRADHAN and Prof. P. MUTHAIYAN

Inter-State Migration and Contemporary Economy

128 страниц. 2012 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
To most of the students in Economics can seem dry,dull and daunting.The reality is that it is not only extremely important –it can also be very fascinating. The history of Economics is not just about inflation, currencies, trade, exchange rate and Gross Domestic Product. It is also about displacement of labour force in the context of both national and international level, growth and development, gender economy, etc. In present contemporary economies, developmental issues are incorporating more and more relevant position.In this vain i have several goals in this book. The present study attempts to throw light on some aspects of internal migration, remittances , problem faced by migrant labourers in destination places and how they are exploited by contractors, middlemen and factory authorities.It also highlights on net-work of migration, impact of different govt.programmes and policies to overcome the epidemic of migrants. My study has based on Migrant Labourers from Odisha to...
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