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Problems And Prospects Of Indian Tobacco Exports   Pokuri Hari Babu

Problems And Prospects Of Indian Tobacco Exports

224 страниц. 2013 год.
Scholars' Press
Tobacco occupies a prime place in Indian economy. India is world’s second largest producer and the fourth largest exporter of unprocessed tobacco in the world. It provides employment to more than 60 lakh people of whom around 44 lakhs are rural folk and women. Indian tobacco Industry mainly depends on exports. But world consumption of tobacco has remained more or less stable due to Governments restrictions on Tobacco consumption. The declining exports badly affected the livelihoods of the people. In this scenario the researcher studies the Indian tobacco exports. This book adequately covers the structure of Indian tobacco Industry, review of literature, objectives of the study, research plan, present status of India’s Tobacco exports and also the opinions of Indian tobacco exporters relating to the problems and prospects of Tobacco exports. The study is concluded with the findings and contribution. The book “Problems and prospects of Indian Tobacco exports” comprehensively meets the...
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