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Challenges of Group-Based Micro and Small Enterprises   Chernet Damte

Challenges of Group-Based Micro and Small Enterprises

220 страниц. 2012 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
Even if the development of MSEs is seen as an important means of reducing poverty and generating employment and a core programming area within developing and transitional countries, there are many problems that these enterprises are facing, like poor working conditions, low income and anti-unionism, problems in local economic development practices, lack of well functioning business associations, insufficiency of financial services, etc.Challenges of group-based construction, food complex and wood and metal work MSE sectors established in the cities and towns of Developing Countries have not been well studied so far. Hence, the findings of this study have paramount contribution to this effect by recommending possible strategies to solve the internal and external challenges as well as to the nature of interaction of MSEs with the rest of local economic environment and government bodies in different sectors. Further, the study can be used as a reference for other researchers to conduct a...
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