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CompTIA Security+ Certification Study Guide, Third Edition: Exam SYO-201 3E   Ido Dubrawsky

CompTIA Security+ Certification Study Guide, Third Edition: Exam SYO-201 3E

752 страниц. 2009 год.
Dubrawsky's third edition of the CompTIA Security+ 2008 Study Guide Prep Kit provides readers with an all-inclusive toolkit filled with material needed to pass the new CompTIA Security+ certification exam. It is keyed to the new SYO 201 exam.It is designed to complement the official CompTIA Security+ curiculum. CompTIA routinely offers candidates the opportunity to certify in Security+ and recently annoucned the release of an update to their Security+ exam in the fourth quarter of 2008. Our new edition will cover all the new exam objectives in addition to the core material featured on the test. The new exam covers six major objectives, or topics: Systems Security, Network Infrastructure, Access Control, Assessments and Audits, Cryptography, and Organizational Security. Note that as of July 1, 2009 the last version of the test, to which our current edition is targeted, will be officially retired.OUr prep kit provides a full set of tools for exam-prep, including a web- and DVD-based exa...
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