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Paths Are Made By Walking: Practical Steps for Attaining Serenity   Therese Jacobs-Stewart

Paths Are Made By Walking: Practical Steps for Attaining Serenity

256 страниц. 2003 год.
Book DescriptionBreakthrough brain research meets ancient spiritual wisdom in this insightful book that helps readers find peace amidst the frenzied pace of personal and professional life. Who wouldn't opt for positive action over rash reaction in frustrating situations? Prefer poise under pressure rather than irritability and fraying nerves? Want more satisfying relationships at home and in the workplace? PATHS ARE MADE BY WALKING offers a clear roadmap to attaining these desires via time-honored spiritual practices from East and West, while incorporating the latest scientific knowledge about how to change self-defeating, emotional habits. Demonstrating how individuals can etch new neuropathways in their brains, this accessible blend of science and spirit features over 20 exercises to help readers conquer fear and stress, resolve conflict, and develop leadership qualities.
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