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Assessing Impacts of Micro-Watershed Management in Semi-Arid India   S. Nedumaran

Assessing Impacts of Micro-Watershed Management in Semi-Arid India

244 страниц. 2013 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
This study developed a dynamic and non-linear bioeconomic model, incorporating both economic and biophysical factors to assess the impact of technological and policy interventions on social well-being of the rural poor and condition of natural resource base in a micro-watershed of the semi-arid region of India. The results clearly indicate that care should be taken while framing policies for watershed development to avoid implementation of conflicting polices. Preferably, those technologies and policies that have multiple impacts in terms of meeting both welfare of the farmers and sustaining natural resource objectives must be prioritized. This study could be useful to policy makers and other development professionals seeking to improve the welfare of farmers and natural resource base in SAT rainfed region in India and other developing countries.
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