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Gender Inequality in Kenya   Tabitha Kiriti Nganga and Clem A. Tisdell

Gender Inequality in Kenya

260 страниц. 2010 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
This book analysed the female participation in household decision-making in agricultural households in Kenya; discussed and analysed the migration of husbands to urban areas and role of remittances; discussed the process of agricultural commercialisation, its effects and that of marital status of women on land use practices; analysed the effect of urban policy bias, commercialisation and marital status on food purchases and food availability; analysed the determinants and effects of family size and gender preference. The study found that married women participate little in household decision-making and bargaining models have little explanatory power in patriarchal societies. The book concludes that gender inequality is a lifelong burden on women''s self- esteem and capabilities. It thwarts women''s aspirations and restricts their opportunities and denies them the experience that would build competence and self-direction, and enable equal partnerships with men....
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