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I Prefer Dry Red Thanks   Shenrui Demi Deng and Cameron Douglas

I Prefer Dry Red Thanks

164 страниц. 2013 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
Historically, wine was an exotic good for China and not routinely perceived and consumed by most Chinese. Therefore, Chinese people may be distinctly visible when they are visiting New Zealand wineries and experiencing a local Sauvignon Blanc at the cellar door. When I was visiting/field working Auckland, Hawke’s Bay, Marlborough and Central Otago, a considerable number of questions emerged naturally whenever I came across Chinese people visiting wineries nearby, whispering to each other in Chinese about wine tasted. What motivated them to visit such a wine region and experience wine-themed activities? Chinese were said to prefer dry red wine but do they really enjoy that type? Where was their wine palate located exactly on a spectrum? What do they perceive wine and wine-related tourism? Although wine and wine tourism research from New Zealand continues to make a substantial contribution to the field, there are no references to wine and wine tourism from a New Zealand Chinese...
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