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Industrial Pollution Control Policy   Md. Shahriar Islam

Industrial Pollution Control Policy

96 страниц. 2011 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
Industrial pollution in Bangladesh is rising day by day. It is also a global problem because of increased industrialization. It is necessary to control the industrial pollution. Government of Bangladesh formulated many policies. But it is the question of implementation of those policies. This book studies about the industrial pollution in Bangladesh and the techniques of controlling that. the situation could be better if the UK strategies of implementation are acquired in Bangladesh. A clear discussion on policy transfer issue is available in this work. UK strategies to control industrial pollution is also described in this study. Finally the research tries to find out the conditions for successful adaptation of the UK strategies to make the system better in Bangladesh. This work is very much helpful for the students of public policy and administration who are interested to know about policy transfer as well. In depth analysis of the situation of Bangladesh regarding the policy...
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