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Reproductive Health Demography of Tribal Women in Assam   Prafulla Hazarika

Reproductive Health Demography of Tribal Women in Assam

180 страниц. 2015 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
The work is focusing the reproductive health demography of tribal women in Assam with concentration on two major tribes living in eastern most part of the region, which well represents the health caring scenario of tribal as well as non- tribal women in the whole North East India. The work is first of this kind in the world giving full treatment on the aspect of reproductive activity of tribal women and their reproductive health demography with field survey data collected from the ground level. It is hoped, it would usher in academic activity in new field of research and study. This book would help the policy makers, the health activists to know the type of problems of the married women, the failures in their mission, the magnitude of the problem awaiting to be dealt in future, the challenges in ahead of time to achieve the goal of healthy nation. The general readers too would find it helpful in comprehending the issues of health, in understanding the complex problems confronted by...
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