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Resource Use Efficiency and Tubewell Irrigation   Somashekaraiah N.T. and Mahendrakumar S

Resource Use Efficiency and Tubewell Irrigation

208 страниц. 2012 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
Irrigation in modern times has been adopted as technology in a sense that application of water to the growth of different crops suiting to the soil features and crop requirements has been timely followed in a scientific manner. Hence, the irrigation is an innovative break-through in the traditional type of agricultural practices and methods. As a result, a number of changes take place accounting for different types of benefits. In this present book an attempt is made to introduce to the reader all the aspects of minor irrigation-its assessment, development, utilization and management with special reference to tube well irrigation in lucid style. This book is intended as a reference book for post-graduate students in economics, agriculture and engineering. It will be a valuable reference to research scholars, agricultural scientists and to all field workers in the area of irrigation water management. It will also be useful to the bankers, farmers, estate owners and others dealing...
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