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Developing an Islamic Capital Market in Nigeria   Ibrahim Abiodun Oladapo

Developing an Islamic Capital Market in Nigeria

104 страниц. 2011 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
The Islamic banking and finance industry has been well-received in both the Muslim and non-Muslim countries. Reflecting the wide acceptance of the industry globally, many countries are developing the Islamic financial markets in parallel to the existing conventional financial markets. In line with the global trend, there are also increasing demands for such financial market alternative in Nigeria. This book envisages developing an Islamic capital market in Nigeria and assessing the sustainability of the market in the country. It focuses on the need to develop an alternative capital market with reference to Nigeria. The book will be of benefit to tertiary institution students and lecturers as it has added to the existing literature on Islamic capital market. It also comes up with policy recommendations that will be of interest to the policymakers to ensure healthy growth and sustainable development of the Islamic capital market in the country as well as guiding and helping potential...
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