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Designing and modeling of a dehumidification unit   Ameer Ali

Designing and modeling of a dehumidification unit

88 страниц. 2013 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
A greenhouse (also called a glass-house) is designed to provide a suitable environment for growing crops throughout the year. It improves growing conditions of crops and protects them from heavy rains, high winds and excessive temperature variation in winter and summer. The greenhouse per unit area yield is higher than the yield for crops grown in the open field because the internal climate of greenhouse is adjusted and controlled according to the needs and demands of particular crops. The main objective of controlling the microclimate of a greenhouse is to maximize the growth of each plant according to its genetic conditions. This book includes the following features: • Introduces main parameters of controlling the microclimate of a greenhouse. • Give an overview of evapotranpiration (ET) process and define criteria for the selection of an appropriate and reliable ET model for estimating evapotranspiration rate in the greenhouse. • Define parameters which are used for the...
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