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A Contemporary Review of 2008 Credit Crunch   Omer Tugsal Doruk

A Contemporary Review of 2008 Credit Crunch

72 страниц. 2011 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
We will remember 2008 year in our mind as “crisis year”. Because, ‘the Credit Crunch’ as this global financial crisis has been dubbed was very strongly felt in 2008. Stock markets have suffered heavy losses, market sales fell dramatically, and major corporations especially long established financial institutions collapsed and some became bankrupted, and more striking financial scandals emerged in this crisis. I think, this crisis deserves serious academic attention and will be noted as key humankind turning point and at least be at the top lines of the history of financial economics. This paper has had to review a wide range of topics related to first the causes and the effects to fully understand this Crisis before being able to assess the symptoms and decide on feasible solutions for 'trust sense'. At the heart, in the empirical part of this paper, investor behavior in Turkey in 2008 Crisis is being analyzed with analytical way. In the last two parts, this research includes...
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