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Export Competitiveness of Textile and Clothing Industry   Zahra Naheed

Export Competitiveness of Textile and Clothing Industry

104 страниц. 2012 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
The most basic need of people is accompanied by textile and clothing industry, so it has a great importance in every one’s life and for this T&C industry has to maintain sustained growth for improving quality of life.Textile and Clothing exports is influenced by many global and domestic factors so this book particularly focus on the main determinants of textile and clothing exports of Pakistan. With this the Performance of T&C exports of Pakistan has also been measured by using Blassa Index and the comparison of export performance of Pakistan, India, Bangladesh and Indonesia has also been made which shows their competitiveness in international market both in textile and clothing sectors. Strengths, weaknesses and challenges for Pakistan textile and clothing industry have been analyzed by giving some suggestions to compete more efficiently in world textile and clothing market
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