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River   Shamoil Ahmad


96 страниц. 2012 год.
JustFiction Edition
River is based on two characters. He [male] and She [female] , She is like a flowing river...vibrant with life and enthusiasm. She loves Nature and lives in present moments. He is a man of stern principle...unable to enjoy Nature. He strictly follows his daily routine channelized in a fixed route like a Robot..She finds him bizzare in his sexual approach and realizes that his love making is mechanical.. He is always in hurry as if rummaging through his wardrobe for something. she feels he uses her like instrument. played oh it when he needed to and cast aside.after it was used up and lapsed into deep slumber. The worst thing is her sudden realization that he has fixed Saturday for love making. Every Saturday he insists her for a walk after dinner and then does sex with her....and she is filled with utter disgust that Saturday is earmarked for her utilization...every Saturday night first go for a walk for proper digestion of food...with belly full you must not indulge in sex...it...
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