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Republic of Ireland   Ioannis Vekris

Republic of Ireland

220 страниц. 2014 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
This book is the outcome of my work for the "Austrian Institute of Economic Research" (WIFO) and my contribution to the Project “WWWforEurope”. It can be regarded as an anthology of the most influential reports and opinions from the major institutes and social partners of Ireland. My main goal is to write down the progress of the Irish economy from the poverty to the stimulation and growth and then, to the collapse of 2008. I try to record all the basic insights of its structure, the main economic sectors, the policies that were followed and all the crucial decisions that were taken and led to the Irish economic miracle of the 90's and to the massive Crisis in late 00's. Also, the consequences of the Financial Crisis, the measures that were imposed by the troika, the action that was taken from the domestic governments and the suggestions from national institutions and other organizations are described. Finally, high attention is given to the possible route of the country in the near...
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