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The Potential Impact of Corporate Social Responsibility Awareness   Godfrey Adda

The Potential Impact of Corporate Social Responsibility Awareness

116 страниц. 2011 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
The book conveys the vital message about how managers and MBA students as potential future business decision makers should give due consideration to the interests of various stakeholders; and to change their perception of CSR as a good deed, to viewing it as an everyday part of corporate branding and strategy for firms. Thus, this power and influence of corporations over people''s lives and the potential collateral damage they can cause makes investigation of the potential impact of CSR awareness on the decisionsmmade by managers and MBA students as potentialmmanagers increasingly necessary. The findings of this study reveal that most managers and students agree that their MBA experience has increased their CSR awareness. However, the problem in need of attention, still, is to outline not only what the corporation is accountable for, but who it is accountable to and this makes the approach of the stakeholder theory extremely important.
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