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Sustainable Development   Mohamed Eid

Sustainable Development

396 страниц. 2010 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
We live in a time of threat from human induced development activities & climate change. The challenges we now face are greater than ever; global environmental degradation, economic turbulence, widespread social exclusion and inequalities have now elevated the problem to a global scale. This book discusses these challenges in terms of four main pillars: the Construction Industry, Sustainable Development, Project Management and Systems Thinking. It examines the notions of each topic then exhibits a tri-dimensional integration to improve the impact of projects economically, environmentally and socially to generate and sustain a better quality of life. Thinking and acting sustainably requires not only incremental change but a revolution in approach, a shift of perspective. Sustainable project management processes are possible to achieve. The interconnections are examined on the decision making level through strategies, policies and standards which define the very nature of the...
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