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Women Empowerment and Stree Shakti Programme   Vithob B.

Women Empowerment and Stree Shakti Programme

164 страниц. 2012 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
Empowerment would become more relevant if women are educated, better informed and can take rational decisions. It is also necessary to sensitize the other sex towards women. It is important to usher in changes in societal attitudes and perceptions with regard to the role of women in different spheres of life. Adjustments have to be made in traditional gender specific performance of tasks. A woman needs to be physically healthy so that she is able to take challenges of equality. But it is sadly lacking in a majority of women especially in the rural areas. They have unequal access to basic health resources and lack adequate counselling. Women’s empowerment would be able to develop self esteem, confidence, realize their potential and enhance their collective bargaining power. SHGs are potential source to empower and institutionalize participatory leadership among the marginalised and to identity, plan and initiative developmental activities. This book also contained the women empowerment...
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