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Mobilephone- A fashion statement   Devesh Bathla

Mobilephone- A fashion statement

56 страниц. 2011 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
An attempt has been made: Mobile as a fashion statement, which includes attitudinal study of girls wearing high heels towards flashy mobile handsets. The questionnaire is administered wherein individuals (girls) are asked to fill questionnaires and then, will carry out an analysis on the basis of the responses from the individuals who participated in the questionnaire. The sample size taken is 240. The analysis revealed that girls who wear high heels have a positive attitude about flashy phones and agree that this adds to their personal definition of style & feel that it is like a fashion statement for them. With more and more features being packed into the handsets, both the customers as well as the salesperson get confused during the sales procedure. Through this research, I intend to do “Attitudinal study of girls wearing high heels towards flashy mobile handsets”. There is need to figure out what kind of people would adopt the new technology and more than technology it is the...
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