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The Cournot model of collaboration and competition   V. Malykhin and T. Gataulin

The Cournot model of collaboration and competition

60 страниц. 2012 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
It is studied in detail the very known and old classic economical Curno model. There are some very weak mathematical assumptions which are, nevertheless to get some sensible interesting economical results.For instance, some deficit of good permits to increase profit as the good price increases.The monograph is acessible to students of initial yeas of higher scool and colleges. It might to be used for initial studieng of application of mathematical metods in economy, for science work of students, for diploma and course works. The monograph contains generalizations of classic Courno and Schtakelberg strategies and also are given generalizations for any numbtr of firms and goods instead respectively of two and one n classic model. Let us note that the mathematics in monograph is elementary and easy.
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