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FDI flows in Emerging economies (with focus on BRIC countries)   Tural Mammadov

FDI flows in Emerging economies (with focus on BRIC countries)

148 страниц. 2014 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
This is a comprehensive, well-organized and clearly written analytic research on Foreign Direct Investments. This is now the obvious text to choose for any undergraduate or graduate program in International Business and Economics. As one of its key feature, this book included a lot of graphics and charts illustrating and analyzing major recent trends in FDI inflows and outflows for BRIC countries. Major focus of the book is to convey elaborate research on the relationship between FDI inflows and economic development and to draw result on BRIC countries. The BRIC refers to a group of four emerging countries comprising Brazil, Russia, India and China. These four are distinguished by several characteristics that set them apart as virtual global powers, if in the making. The BRICs present a fascinating study of development and growth. In this book, an attempt is made to discuss the growing flows of FDI or foreign direct investment to the BRICs and trace the link that FDI may have in...
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